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London Calling

By Logan Baker


London is a fantastic, historical and modern city with more than enough entertainment and activities to keep you occupied non-stop. I’ve visited several times and can’t wait to head back for my next episode of discovery. Here are a few things that I recommend to everyone who is going to have the chance to check out the capital of the United Kingdom.

You’ll want to start out by getting your bearing in the city, and one of the best ways to do this is to take an open bus tour and also possibly a boat tour as well. A guide speaks to you relaying historical facts while you sit up top of an open upper deck bus giving yourself an idea of the layout of the land. After this you should head to the underground ‘tube’ and get a transit map, so you’ll know where all the stations and stops are. Once you’ve got that down it is time to walk around a bit.

There are ghost tours and pub-crawls to give you a sense of the city’s great history. You might want to check out the shopping on King’s Row, or have a turn on the London Eye overlooking the Thames. Make sure to get yourself a good dose of local cuisine with fish and chips while you’re in London too. One of the things I enjoyed the most in London was the museums. If your tastes run towards the modern you’ll love the Tate, and the British National Museum is full of wonderful relics and artifacts. If castles are more your thing, the Tower of London, formerly housed the royals before Buckingham Palace became the royal home, is an interesting experience where you can see the crown jewels or tour parts of Buckingham.

The theater district is also not to be missed, nor is the royal church Westminster Abbey, where many prominent English historical figures and royal family members have been laid to rest for centuries.

London has a wonderful history, which is not lost by its modernization. London has the best of both worlds with world class dining, theater, museums and accommodations.


Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0


Logan Baker


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